Cost Analysis & Contract Negotiations.

“What is
your budget?”

You will often here people speaking about “building costs per square foot”. Without qualification as to what is included, these figures can be very misleading. Do these quoted costs include design & plan fees, garage square footage, landscaping, retaining walls, appliances or applicable taxes? We start by asking the straight forward question; What is your budget? Our team are then able to tailor preliminary house designs to ensure a financially feasible project from the outset.

As the design unfolds, budgets are established for items that our customers will shop for such as plumbing and lighting fixtures, kitchen cabinetry and tile. We provide a shopping list for these items categorized for rooms and locations. For those customers wanting the assistance of a interior design professional, we are able to offer services in this regard as well.

When considering building a new home or renovating your current residence, there are a couple of methods that should be addressed. You can build on either a cost-plus basis or on a fixed fee contract.

Cost Plus means that all the labor, materials, and management costs are added up and multiplied by a negotiated percentage to get the total amount due. You as the Homeowner control all expenditures and work closely with our team each step of the way. The Cost Plus process allows the homeowner to make changes to the scope of the project as you go and is a completely open process allowing you to see where every penny goes.

On a fixed fee contract, all the details of the project are outlined within our comprehensive construction contracts and a fixed price is given to do the exact work described within. The most obvious benefit to this contract is that the price is fixed and if our team goes over our estimated budget you will not pay. There is no need for you to watch over every detail during the construction process as the price will not change unless you change the scope of the build or renovation.

Regardless of which contract method you choose our team will take out much of the guesswork through careful consultation before construction begins. Our design process includes detailed budgets with achievable allowances plus fixed pricing from our team of local trades. By securing accurate pricing on materials and labour, design details and outlining reasonable timelines for construction before hand, our team will make your building or renovating experience enjoyable and have you in your new home on time and on budget.

We look forward to helping you with the home of your dreams.

The Team at Homes by Crown Isle understands the Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community market and the differences and challenges of balancing design, function and budgets. Home by Crown Isle operates predominately in the Crown Isle Community.

No one knows Crown Isle like we do!